Over 30 Years

MCV has been in business for over 30 years. Formed in 1987 by Consumers Energy and The Dow Chemical Company, MCV went into commercial operation in 1990. Current owners are affiliates of OMERS and the Global Strategic Investment Alliance.


1,633 Megawatt Capacity

MCV started out as a 1,340 MW plant, but with improvements and upgraded equipment, we now have a capacity of 1,633 MW. We additionally added 6 boilers in 2008 to increase our steam production.


1100000 Households

Electricity from MCV could serve a city of 1.1 million households.


1240 MW to Consumers Energy

MCV has a Power Purchase Agreement with Consumers that extends to 2030. We sell 1,240 MW of electric capacity and energy to Consumers 24/7/365.


1500000 Pounds of steam

MCV also sells electricity and steam to Corteva Agriscience and Dow Silicones. We have excess electric capacity that we sell into the Midwest market when profitable to do so.


99% Safety & Reliability

MCV takes great pride in its safety record and its reliability to its customers. Our reliability factor for Consumers has exceeded 99.5% and our reliability to Dow and Corteva is almost 100%.


225578735600+ KW hours of Electricity Production

Since March 1990, MCV has produced in excess of 225 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, and has provided to Dow and Corteva in excess of 150 billion pounds of steam.



MCV provides direct employment for approximately 200 full-time equivalent positions, 77 of which are employed by MCV; the others are contractors on site as needed, including local craft laborers.



MCV and its employees support Midland and the surrounding communities through donations and giving generously of their time and talents through volunteer work.

FACT #10

15000000+ Dollars Annually to Great Lakes Bay Region

MCV spends approximately $15 million annually with over 100 vendors within the Great Lakes Bay Region, not counting capital improvement projects.

FACT #11


MCV is the 2nd largest taxpayer in Midland.

FACT #12

Midland Business Alliance

MCV has been a member of the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce and the Midland Business Alliance since 1988.

FACT #13


As many as 13 bald eagles spend the winter here catching fish from the cooling pond and at least one pair nest near the facility. As many as 8,000 geese and hundreds of ducks use the pond as a resting place, making the surrounding farms some of the best waterfowl hunting in the state during the regular and late waterfowl hunting seasons.

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