We fund programs that deliver measurable, sustainable improvements in the communities we serve. We invest in organizations that have proven track records in these areas:

  • Education: Programs that encourage students to stay in school and develop their full potential, promote math and science, improve workforce skills, and encourage personal development through scholarships, mentoring and internships.
  • Environment: Programs that improve the quality of our environment; promote environmental education, conservation and preservation; develop cleaner sources of energy; protect endangered species; and beautify neighborhoods.

  • Arts & Culture: Cultural institutions with broad public exposure and programs designed to make arts and culture more accessible to a wider and more diverse audience.

  • Neighborhood Development: Programs and nonprofit organizations that support a range of offerings from health and human services to after-school programming. We contribute to many of these organizations through our MCV employee United Way campaign, but we also make many donations to various non-profit organizations.

Strengthening education through new, innovative ideas