MCV Proudly Achieves a Milestone 25 Years of Commercial Operation

MIDLAND, Mich., March 16, 2015 -- As America's largest natural-gas fired combined heat and electrical power generating plant, located in mid-Michigan, today MCV celebrates 25 years of commercial operation. Proudly serving customers in Michigan and in the midcontinent, MCV is proof that an independent power producer provides a healthy competitive dimension in Michigan's energy market. 

MCV is a major supplier of affordable and reliable electrical energy to customers in Michigan and the upper Midwest. MCV also directly supplies electricity and bulk process steam energy to major industrial customers located near its facility in Midland, Michigan. 

Using combined-cycle heat and power (CHP) technology, MCV is an integral part of the clean energy economy, efficiently converting the energy contained in natural gas to produce electricity and process steam.

MCV's large facility is capable of continuously producing 1,633 megawatts of electrical power, and in parallel, making process steam at a rate of 1.5 million pounds per hour. This is enough electrical energy output to supply over one-million households, while at the same time continuously supply major-sized industrial facilities with all of their electricity and process steam needs.

"As an independent power producer, we are proud of this 25-year milestone serving the Michigan economy with cost-competitive energy fueled by the nation's natural gas abundance. With a highly capable workforce and strong vendor partnerships teaming to execute industry-leading operational programs, MCV has an excellent record in safety and reliability. Providing highly reliable and affordable electrical and steam energy today, we also enable large industrial employers to consider locating their facilities to Michigan. We look forward to the next 25 years doing our part serving toward a prosperous Michigan." Pete Milojevic, President & CEO.

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