Plant Expansion Announced!

We all know electricity is vital to our well-being as a society.  In the Midwest region of the United States, whether the demand for electricity grows or supply is reduced because of shuttering plants, MCV is ready to provide additional energy from its facility in a safe, clean, reliable, and cost-competitive manner.  We have finalized a comprehensive project package and are ready to begin construction.  

This project provides quality jobs for Michigan, both during project construction, and for the steady-state operation.  The energy produced from the expansion will be cost-competitive, for both residential and industrial users, and will further enable high-quality jobs to be created with new manufacturing.  

As an independent power producer, we have proudly served the Michigan economy with cost-competitive energy since 1990.  With a highly capable workforce and strong vendor partnerships teaming to execute industry-leading operational programs, MCV will continue its excellent record in safety and reliability with this expansion.  We look forward to continuing to do our part toward a prosperous Michigan.

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